When you book a Canterbury Slinger Truck it eliminates the need for an excavator and labour intensive methods to complete backfilling or spreading jobs...

saving you time & $$$ on equipment & labour costs!

What are Slinger Trucks?

Slinger Trucks: modified material cartage trucks that use conveyor spreading of material via a remote controlled "throw boom."

Slinger Truck technology: used in the North American and European construction industries for over 40 years.

Canterbury Slinger Trucks: Our Slinger Trucks have a Bay Lynx Multicat Spreader Bin, built with quality components and assembled with the highest level of workmanship.  This provides dependabiltiy on the job site.
What Canterbury Slinger Trucks Provide for You: a fast & efficient solution for material backfill or spreading project.

Time Savings: a full bin can be unloaded and placed in as little as 8-10 minutes
Cost Savings: elminates the need for an excavator and mobilisation/transporter cost
If you would like more information on Canterbury Slinger Trucks, please get in touch through our Contact Page