Slinger Truck Facts and Questions

Truck and Bin Specs

ISUZU 2016 FYH 350 (25 tonne GVM)
Bay-Lynx MC17 bin assembly

Load Capacity

12 cubic meters and 12 Metric Tonnes

How far can you Sling?
Our Remote Control Slingers can sling up to 25 Metres.  All measurements are taken from the back tyres of the truck.  The slinging distance will vary depending on the material used

What material can you Sling?
Anything that is screened & 3inches or smaller

Why Should I Get a Slinger?
Slinger Trucks prevent hours of labour.  We can accurately place material as thin or thick as you like up to 25m from the back of the Truck.  

We can place material into inaccessable locations, over obstacles, etc
Where do you operate?
 Christchurch City Wide, contact to discuss out of town projects