When you book a Canterbury Slinger Truck it eliminates the need for an excavator to complete backfilling ...

This reduces the labour required for handling material...saving you time & $$$ on equipment & labour costs!

How & When your project would book a Slinger Truck:

  1. Foundation Backfill to structures where access is difficult or restricted
  2. Retaining Wall Backfill over retaining structures.  Ideal for drainage material placement
  3. Trench Backfill: Quick placement of bedding sand and imported granular backfill
  4. Tank, Manhole Backfill: Placement of imported material against structure over inaccessible excavation areas. Eliminate potential damage from excavator buckets.
  5. Landscape Material Placement: fast accurate placement of a wide variety of landscape materials including, grade stone, lime, sand, mulch, bark, and topsoil.
  6. Bank Stabilisation/Environmental Control: Placement along embankments where access is difficult. Material can be projected over walls/structures
  7. Play Areas: Fast spreading of material around play structures. Bark pea gravel, etc.